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Hello all and welcome to my blog. This is my third attempt at a blog, the first one went disastrously wrong, then the second one did okay but I just fell out of love with it and when I picked it back up my heart wasn't in it so here I am with number 3.

My name is Hayley and I am originally from Wales but I am currently living in Vancouver, BC. I am a 20-something who is cramming as much as she can in before the big three ooh - and life becomes about being a real grown up. 

I don't want to pigeon hole this blog, I can't keep writing posts on one subject I like to write about everything so this time around that is exactly what I'm going to do. I enjoy a lot of things and think I should be able to write about all these things. On my blog you are mostly going to see posts about:-
  • Travel
  • Beauty, Skin and Hair Care
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle
  • Music and Playlists
  • Books, Movies and TV Shows
  • Fashion
I love to write guest posts but I also love it when you guys think my blog is worthy enough that you want to guest post for me. Seeing as I don't have a niche for my blog you are free to write about most things here.

As this blog is still fairly new I don't really have many stats for you but here is what I do have:-
Twitter - 1.1k
Facebook - 36

So if you want to talk about guest posting then drop me an email at: 29ashh@gmail.com

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